One of the best assets that let you communicate well before you even converse with a person is your smile. Smiling lets them warm up to you and this makes breaking the ice even easier. With that in mind, you’d definitely want to keep your smile sparkling but even though with timely brushing, visiting your dentist twice a year or using white strips, it may not be sufficient enough. Therefore you need to add a little bit of effort to care for your smile and to maintain your teeth and gums, so here are top 5 things that could ruin your smile:

  1. Sports drink

As today’s lifestyle focuses largely on our declining health, it’s no wonder that new sports drinks are popping up everywhere to enhance our wellbeing. However, be aware that these sports drinks aren’t that healthy for your teeth. That’s because scientific research has found that these sports drinks contain high acidic pH levels that could slowly strip down the tooth’s enamel which could lead to tooth erosion. Often high in sugar, acting as sustenance for acid producing bacteria, these drinks sneak into your teeth’s cracks and crevices triggering cavities and tooth decay.

  1. Tobacco

Besides turning your teeth yellow, smoking can do much more damage as any form of tobacco is harmful to your teeth and gums while leading to throat, lung and mouth cancer. The tar from the tobacco forms a sticky film on your teeth, encouraging acid promoting bacteria to create irritating toxins that causes inflammation at the gums leading to tooth decay and loss.

  1. Wine

Did you know that regular wine consumption can harm tooth enamel? Therefore wine drinkers should be aware that both red and white wine’s acidity can dissolve the tooth structure while increasing stains on your teeth. However, wine lovers don’t need to give up their drinking to save their smile. Instead of swishing their wine while drinking which keeps the wine in constant contact with the tooth’s enamel, take small sips and when you’ve finished drinking, rinse your mouth with water.

  1. Diet Pills

Although many ingest some form of diet pills as a quick way to trim their figures, it is a sure way to gum disease and tooth decay. Like many over-the-counter prescriptions, dietary pills decreases saliva which causes dry mouth and this in turn puts you at risk gum disease, tooth decay and cavities. The most safe and effective solution to this issue is to practise a balanced diet with exercise to lose weight while protecting your smile.

  1. Tea & Coffee

The world practically runs on these two beverages every day, so this should be the main cause of teeth discolouration which affects your smile. One way to reduce this problem is to drink your coffee or tea through a straw. If that isn’t likely to happen for you or if you can’t picture yourself slurping up your hot beverage with a straw, then drink more water to counteract the effects or try adding milk to reduce the acidity. Other factors contributing to a radiant smile A healthy and radiant smile is not just dependent on how bright or polished your teeth are but also how you fare in your mental and emotional health. Working towards a good physical appearance is not sufficient if you are plagued with unhappiness and distress caused by other elements. After all, the best smile comes from the heart and to reflect that smile, you need to make time to shower yourself with enough love and care. However, if there are any other physical makeovers that you think you need, make an appointment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre to discuss on further options to help you achieve your beauty goals.

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