Dr Shariffah Shuriana, or more fondly known as Dr. Yana, specializes exclusively on comprehensive restorative/prosthodontics, implants and aesthetic dentistry. Her aim is to provide thorough dental health care and beautiful smiles. She specializes in restoring missing dentition, enhancing aesthetics and rehabilitation of the dentition through dentures, crowns, veneers, bridges and implants. Dr Yana has vast experiences in dental makeovers, treatment of complex cases and use of multiple implant systems to restore missing teeth of local and foreign patients.

Have a read at this short interview we had with her to get to know her better.

Hello Dr Yana, do you mind sharing with us your area of specialty?

I am specialized in Prosthodontics, it’s about replacing missing teeth, but I see it more than replacing, it is actually the rehabilitation of a person’s function, by that I mean that they are able to look better, smile better.

How long have you been a dentist.

I have been a dentist since….. Well, I’ve graduated since 98’ so that’s probably nearly 20 years.

How did your interest in dental health develop? Have you always been keen in the area of Dentistry?

Yes, you can say so because I am interested in handwork. If you were to ask me why didn’t I do medicine, I’d tell you that it’s cause for Dentistry, even from the beginning it was already hands on handwork, that really got me interested.

Do you have a hobby or how do you de-stress?

I like travelling, reading and doing outdoor activities like hiking, to de-stress. I like doing leisure things I suppose, there isn’t like a specific go-to for me to de-stress.

As a dentist, do you always look at the other person’s teeth when you have a conversation with them? Or rather, do their set of teeth stands out to you first?

I would like to say no, but I can’t help it. I guess it’s cause when we look at a person, we automatically will glance at their teeth, but that being said, teeth is not the only thing we look at as it can actually make a person embarrass when you stare at their teeth, it would feel as if you are making bad comments about their teeth, making the situation pretty awkward. It’s important to see a person as a whole.

If you weren’t a dentist, you’ll be….

I’ve no idea actually; I think I’ve always wanted to be a dentist.

One important piece of advice that you’ve received or one that you would like to give someone who wants to venture into Dentistry.

I think having a sense of commitment is really important, and this is not only restricted to the area of Dentistry per se, but really, in everything you do. You have to know that you’re going to be dealing with people, interacting with them, providing treatment- so you’ve got to do things right. It’s the commitment, the interest, the willingness to keep educating yourself that is going to take you a long way.

Three words that describes yourself.

Patient, friendly and a good communicator.

Favourite food/cuisine.

Very local one in fact- Koay Tiaw Goreng. True Malaysian I’d say.

Any childhood nicknames?

No, not that I know of.

What keeps you going in your line of job.

I think it’s the challenge. Whenever I see a case or patient, I’d try to tackle that problem, especially in Cosmetic Dentistry, because it’s not a very easy one. For example if you do veneers, you don’t just put veneers in and that’s it. I find it amazing until now that even if I were to replace one single missing tooth, it will always be a difficult case. I think that is what keeps me going because I am not going to get two same cases every time. I’m someone who is always up for the challenge.

What does beauty means to you.

It’s very subjective, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder as it can be outer appearance, or inner beauty.

What is a woman’s most powerful asset.

I think it’s the smile. It’s either the eyes or the smile.

Last one, do you eat ice cream?


Okay, what’s your favourite ice cream flavor?

It would be Baskin Robin’s Jamaica Almond fudge.

Dr Yana is based at Beverly Wilshire Dental. Should you have any queries or would like a dental examination, drop by and meet Dr Yana or our other professionals today.

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