Sakit Gigi: Memahami Kesakitan dan Cara Mengurangkannya

sakit gigi beverly wilshire dental

Sakit Gigi: Memahami Kesakitan dan Cara Mengurangkannya   Pernahkah anda mengalami kesakitan yang tajam dan berdenyut pada gigi atau gusi anda? Jika ya, anda tidak bersendirian. Sakit gigi atau “sakit gigi” adalah masalah pergigian biasa yang memberi kesan kepada orang-orang dari semua peringkat umur. Kesakitan boleh menjadi tidak tertanggung, menjadikannya sukar untuk makan, tidur, atau […]

Invisalign Before And After

invisalign before and after

Invisalign Before And After  “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” – Jay Danzie Have you ever wondered how a simple transformation can make a world of difference? Invisalign treatment offers remarkable changes in smiles that […]

Veneers Teeth

Veneers Teeth Beverly Wilshire Dental

Imagine this: You catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror and notice that your teeth are not as bright and flawless as you’d like them to be. Perhaps there’s some discoloration or maybe they’re slightly misaligned. You long for a radiant smile that exudes confidence, but where do you start? Well, Veneers might just […]


PACKAGE DETAILS Invisible Clear Aligner Package starting at just RM8,800? It’s time you SMILE with CONFIDENCE with the most advanced clear aligner in the world. Invisalign Treatment at our dental clinic provides:✅Faster Treatment ✅Proven Results ✅Effective ✅Virtually Invisible ✅Comfortable ✅Convenience Treated over 200 happy clients; we’ve got everything you require to kickstart your Clear Aligner […]


牙医 beverly wilshire dental


Veneer Gigi (Gigi Venir)

veneer gigi beverly wilshire dental

Venir adalah rawatan pergigian popular yang digunakan untuk memperbaiki penampilan gigi. Ia adalah cangkerang nipis porselin atau bahan komposit yang terikat pada bahagian depan gigi untuk memperbaiki bentuk, saiz, warna, dan penampilan keseluruhannya. Venir adalah penyelesaian yang berkesan dan tahan lama untuk banyak masalah pergigian, seperti perubahan warna, cip, jurang, dan gigi yang tidak rata. […]


PACKAGE DETAILS ✨Achieve sparking teeth with us in just 30 minutes!✨Our limited EverBrite® LED Activated Chairside Teeth Whitening Treatment ensures that you don’t have to give up your favorite coffee and tea! Limited stock available, grab your appointment now. VALIDITY PERIOD:  Till 15 June 2023 TERMS & CONDITIONS Not applicable with other on-going bundled packages/ […]


PACKAGE DETAILS When you have gaps in your smile, they can make you feel less confident and embarrassed to show off your teeth. If you wear dentures, you may also smile or laugh less if you’re concerned about them slipping or falling out. Much worse scenarios include missing or damaged teeth! ????????????????’???? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? […]


PACKAGE DETAILS FREE yourself from ❗Damaged Teeth ❗Stained Teeth ❗Crooked Teeth ❗Gaps ❗Chipped Teeth with our signature aesthetic Dental Porcelain / Ceramic Veneers. Grab your complimentary specialist consultation. Package includes Specialist Consultation, OPG, 3D Scanning, Scaling & Polishing and Temporary Veneers worth RM1,300. VALIDITY PERIOD:  Till 15 June 2023 TERMS & CONDITIONS Not applicable with […]

Is Dental Tourism A Good Idea ?

dental tourism malaysia

Dental Tourism or some would say as Dental Holidays or Dental Getaways in Malaysia is a growing industry due to the country’s high-quality dental care and low costs. Dental tourists can save money on dental procedures such as implants, veneers, and teeth whitening. In addition to saving money, patients also enjoy the beauty and relaxation […]

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