You know how they say Chinese are yellow?

Well, I guess my teeth are Chinese too wtf.  I’ve been thinking of going for teeth whitening for about a year now because my teeth damn gross la!  You can’t really tell cos I always use my magic Casio camera to camwhore and it whitens everything, but I’d been feeling uncomfortable about the state of my teeth.

Dunno why so discolored!  I don’t smoke or drink coffee also.  And worse, some teeth are grosser yellower than others so the effect is pretty obvious. People aren’t so observant when it comes to other people’s teeth but it bothered me.

But! The sky answered me!  Beverly Wilshire Dental contacted me to try out their dental services.  I didn’t even know they had dental services wtf but they started beginning of this year and they have a very nice clinic on Jalan Tun Razak!

So I went for a consultation where the resident dentist, Dr Anjali checked my teeth and made sure I was suitable for teeth whitening. (If you have really sensitive teeth it might not be such a good idea.)

All was fine so we scheduled an appointment for whitening.



This is my teeth before. #noedit.  Told you discolored plus different teeth different color.  As it turns out, tea is another culprit, even green tea.  I drink green tea by the bucket which explains it.  Haih maybe I should start drinking tea with a straw next time.

Anyway. The fake tooth marked B1 is a sample of the shade I want to achieve with this procedure.  There is a whole spectrum of shades to choose from.  I didn’t pick the the whitest shade because I don’t want my teeth to glow in the dark so I settled on something in the middle.



First, the dentist cleans my teeth to make sure no debri.  Or else we bleach the food bits how wtf.



Next step, the Dr Anjali applies a protective layer over my gums which hardens into a shell that blocks bleaching agent from seeping onto my gums.



Possibly the creepiest thing you’ll see today wtf.  This is what the protective layer looks like hahaha.  I look like Stitch.

After that I have no more pictures because it was getting harder to take them.  But the next step involves the application of the bleaching agent.  Next they guided me into a dark room with a bunch of movies to choose from!  I sat back in the recliner while they focused an LED light on my teeth which would accelerate the whitening.

The light ran for 15 minutes per treatment, and Dr Anjali set it for 3 treatments which brings the total time to 45 minutes.  So I got to watch half of Bride Wars while whitening my teeth lol.

Before this there was no pain at all but as the treatments wore on, I started to feel twinges in my teeth!  Like how you’d feel if you ate something reaaaally cold or reaaally hot and your teeth was sensitive. This is the effect of some of the bleaching agent seeping through the enamel into the sensitive dentin.  It’s completely normal but it can be a little uncomfortable.

In the end we cut short the last treatment by five minutes cos I was going crazy with that feeling!  Not exactly painful but very unnerving (pun unintended lol). It differs from person to person though.

This is the end result!


Much whiter and even pearly whites!  See how the color compares to the sample?





With my dentist, Dr Anjali. ^^ Thank you for giving me pretty white teeth!

Then a few weeks later I went back for some routine scaling and cleaning.



Uhh I don’t have any photos of myself but I took a picture of my blog manager Adrian getting his teeth done too hahaha.


Shine bright like a diamond wtf.

Thank you for the treatments, Beverly Wilshire Dental!

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