Smoking harms you. It is bad for your health and harms nearly every organ of your body. It is responsible for many other cancers and health problems. Here are some of the main effects of smoking to your teeth:

Tooth Discolouration

A smoker has yellowish or stained teeth as chemicals in tobacco cling to the enamel of teeth, causing them to stain over time. Teeth whitening treatments can only do so much to slow down the discolouration process, it is impossible to entirely stop it if smoking persist.

Bad Breath

Cigarette particles remain in the mouth even after a cigarette is finished. Beyond that, the long-term effect of smoking contributes to bad breath. Bacteria overgrowth in the smoker’s mouth leads to horrible breath. Brushing and usage of mouth wash can only do so little so the only way to improve is to stop smoking.

That’s not all. Prolonged smoking leads to an inflammation of the salivary glands which results in painful swelling in the face and surgery might be needed if salivary gland stones develop.

Gum Disease

Smokers are twice as prone to gum disease as compared to non-smokers, and gum disease treatments do not work as effective on smokers. Smoking causes bacteria to build up on teeth and eventually affecting the gums. If left untreated, gums retract from teeth and underlying bone structures would weaken, causing periodontitis.

Delayed Healing

Smoking slows down your body ability to recover and lowers the rate of successful dental implant procedures. The longer your oral health condition is left at a vulnerable state, the more you are be prone to develop complications.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is the most severe form of smoking-related complication. The risk of developing oral cancer increases when smoking is combined with heavy drinking. Oral cancer begins as a white or red patch in the mouth and the patient will experience discomfort or difficulty in chewing or swallowing, jaw numbness, or even pain in the ear. The earlier cancer is detected, the more effective the treatment will be.

The Solution

Dental issue is only one of the many issues smoking brings to the smoker. A dentist can only advice and device a treatment plan to mitigate issues associated with smoking. The ultimate way to ensure a better oral health and a healthier life is to quit smoking completely.

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