Which Dental Crown Is Suitable For Me

Dental crowns are structures attached to envelope a tooth to protect it. Crowns are frequently used to safeguard weak teeth, which are usually the result of extensive decay. Crowns also help to reinforce fractured or badly worn down teeth and restore its original structure, function and appearance. We have also had patients whose teeth were weakened and worn due to bruxism (tooth grinding).

Porcelain, ceramic, metal alloy, or a combination of materials can be used to create a crown. Gold has also been utilised in the past, but few people nowadays like such a flashy look, despite the fact that gold is a very tough substance. Crowns composed of zirconia and resin are the most popular:

Is getting a crown painful?

Having a crown installed is a relatively easy, minor and comfortable procedure. The dentist will prepare your tooth by removing decay, performing a root canal or doing both. He would then take a mould of your tooth to ensure that the crown fits perfectly. The tooth is protected with a temporary restoration until the crown is ready. To keep this temporary cap from cracking, take extra care of it and avoid eating hard or sticky foods. Your dentist will have the crown ready in approximately a week.

Many of our patients have walked out of our clinic with a restored and strengthened tooth, after having a tooth or even several teeth crowned. Visit us a for an obligation-free consultation to determine which crown and its corresponding cost is best suited for you.

Zirconia crown

Zirconia is a ceramic material that is more durable than porcelain. In compared to composite resins, it is much stronger and more impact resistant. Zirconia is preferred because of its smooth surface, which is kinder on the opposing teeth with which it comes into touch when biting. The cost of a zirconia crown ranges from RM2,000 to RM3,000.

Composite resin crown

Composite resin crowns are made up of several plastic materials. At RM1,000+ each, they are less expensive than zirconia crowns, but they are less durable and do not last as long. Composite resin crowns, on the other hand, are more natural-looking due to the ease with which they can be customised to match the colour of your other teeth, and they are also suitable for those who are allergic to metal.

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