Dental Braces in Malaysia – Traditional, Damon or Invisalign?

If you are thinking about getting dental braces in Malaysia, there are a number of options you should consider. This is a great investment that can improve your smile and self confidence. Before you decide which type of braces to get, you’ll want to keep reading.

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You’ll find that traditional braces are made up of brackets, metal bands, archwires, and elastic hooks. This is still a popular option when it comes to dental braces in Malaysia. While it is the most visually conspicuous and noticeable choice, there are a lot of benefits to consider.

Both children and adults can get traditional braces. There are different color bands that you’ll have to choose from, which gives you some control over how they look. Most people who get these braces end up wearing them for around 1 to 2 years. Once the braces are taken off, you will be required to wear a retainer to keep your teeth straight. You’ll need to wear the retainer each day for four months to a year.

You can expect to pay anywhere from RM 5,000 to RM 10,000 for traditional braces, depending on whether or not you go to a specialist. This is one of the most affordable options for dental braces in Malaysia.

When you are looking for dental braces in Malaysia, damon braces are also worth considering. These braces protect a person’s teeth and gums at the same time. They are available in metal brackets are completely clear.

The elastic ties that damon braces use are invisible, which means discoloration won’t be a problem. They are a good-looking alternative to traditional braces. A unique slide mechanism bridges the gap between the bracket and the archwires. This gives the wire plenty of space to move.

One of the best things about damon braces is the fact that they are so comfortable. This is due to the ample flexibility of the design. It is an option that has helped many people achieve a straighter, better-looking smile within a short amount of time. These braces can also correct problems with your gums. They establish a balanced gum-to-teeth ratio for an attractive overall smile.

The impressive technology behind damon braces allows you to get straight teeth in less time than with traditional braces. You won’t have to deal with as many dentist appointments, which is always nice. There’s also less need for tooth extractions and other unpleasant dental procedures.

The fact is that damon braces offer a healthy, comfortable, and highly effective option for straightening teeth. The average cost of damon braces is anywhere from RM 7,000 to RM 12,000. While these dental braces are more expensive than traditional ones, they are well worth it overall.

Invisalign is another amazing option that you’ll want to look into when it comes to getting dental braces in Malaysia. These braces can help with crowded teeth, overbite, and even a gap in your front teeth. It can also be useful if you have an open bite or cross bite. They use cutting-edge technology to deliver incredible results for a better smile without all the pain of traditional braces.

The Clincheck software that this company offers allows your doctor to customize your treatment down to the last detail. This software uses a special algorithm that calculates how much force is needed to move each individual tooth. You will find many positive reviews of these braces online. There are very few people who have had a truly negative experience with these braces.

You’ll find that Invisalign is completely clear and very difficult for others to see on a daily basis. You won’t have to worry about anyone even knowing that you have them.

When you first get Invisalign, you will have to wear the braces for up to 22 hours each day. They are easy to clean and maintain, unlike traditional braces. The SmartTrack material these braces are made of are very flexible, so they are comfortable and can be removed easily. After wearing these braces for a period of one year, you should notice a drastic improvement in your overall smile.

You can expect to pay around RM 17,150 for Invisalign braces. While this is definitely the most expensive option, it is widely considered to be the best.

Final Thought

With so many different options for dental braces in Malaysia, it is crucial that you take a close look at each one. You should consider your budget and specific dental needs as you learn more about each type of braces. The money that you spend on braces will help to improve your smile in ways that you never even thought possible. Traditional braces are the cheapest option, though they do have a number of drawbacks. Both Damon Braces and Invisalign are more expensive, but they are very comfortable and effective.

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